8 thoughts on “Resignation

    1. moiradeslandes Post author

      Yes I was pleased! A personak challenge learning my lines. Video will be out some time in future.


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  2. Mike Sullivan

    Such a great message! Re-signed on to life, versus resigned from a position. What a wonderful bit of word play to come up with a whole new meaning. Great for all, but particularily Gen Y’ers and Millenials, who have followed their parents ‘resignation’ path. Time to re-sign onto life!


  3. Alizar Anwar

    Such an inspiring talk Moira. By re-signing one can re-define his/her journey, recognise his/her strengths and weaknesses, something like he in in control of his life. Re-sign is not on its own, it is guided by the Supreme Being..because I believe there is no such a coincidence in this world.



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