Dear Sor Juana,

The intimacy of having the morning all to yourself, catching the early morning light as it floats into the day is a precious and gentle way to start the day. I enjoy those first tweets and squawks before the dawn, as nests are tidied and babies fed, as night is broken by the morning sounds. Getting ready for the day ahead happens long before the sun is up and long before the day arrives on the calendar. Sometimes all the preparation is invisible and your place in the day looks effortless to those around you – yet it has come to birth in the dark times, with groans and exasperation, in equal measure with joy, fun and excitement.

My looking effortless litany has words in it like: organisation, precision, care, attentiveness, support, teamwork, capacity, time, resources, improvisation, imagination. The alchemy of effortlessness is created in the kitchen of positivity inspired by Julian’s mantra that all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.

When you would have got up for your Lauds, Sor Juana, I suspect your canticle of praise would have buoyed you to be prophetic; to go and make the straight way for the Divine to follow. You would have welcomed the rising sun to shine on those living in darkness. So too it is for me to make visible what is invisible and bring to light those who maybe in the dark and help shine a light on what might not be visible to make those in the darkness have a better life ahead. This is work, a labour, yet there is a magic when it looks effortless to others.

This has been a rich week – fundraising, community raising, network building, learning, investigating and understanding. Each step on the pilgrimage starts with a new day with the birds at my window and ends with the sun setting on the horizon – the rhythm of the hours effortlessly keeping watch over me.

Sunset over Echunga

Sunset over Echunga

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