Corners of the Sky

Dear Sor Juana,

My grandmother-in-waiting status is coming to an end with every passing day. Passing from one stage of your life to another through these thresholds is worthy of some ritual and so this week made visits to local poetry groups to share some poems that reflected this time in my life. Longing for a more compassionate and tolerant world for my grandchild to grow up in and finding a new voice were among the themes.  These in-between places are worthy of a stop in the journey and not to rush too quickly to the next stage of life.

Between motherhood and grand-motherhood
Lies a second chance precipice
From this vantage point – crone wisdom
Re-membering rhymes and recipes
for bathtime and sleep.
The looking glass reveals readiness
Leaning in, a privileged peek into the future,
Deep time heart beat pulsing under ribs
A new Adam making his way to meet us.

(C) Moira Deslandes, 2015

To be in transit, passing through one stage casts a shadow on the horizon and the moon this week has been spectacular shining her light and dancing through the clouds bringing all kinds of light and darkness to my window.  Sister Moon simply cycling through the seasons in even time while the early winter swirls of cloud and rain waft around her, is a gentle evening reminder that everything has its season.  I find myself singing softly to the dawn a song from a Steven Schwartz musical Pippen: Corner of the Sky in these moments knowing that there is a corner of this big, wide sky that holds me close and invites me to find rest there as I move from the dawn into day, or dusk into night, or indeed grandmother-in-waiting to grandmother.

I am in spending this last month of my ‘in waiting’ status undertaking a challenge of writing a 1000 words a day from topics given to me by others. I am doing my writing as a letter to each of the people who have offered me the topic.

You wrote quite a few letters as well Sor Juana and it is a lovely thing to do to give and also I know how much I still love to receive a letter written to me, not one manufactured or delivered by rote. It is a rare commodity to receive a letter, just to you these days!  From your convent and from your age, you gift me with a sense of determination and endurance. I feel you offer me stamina, a passion for writing, for poetry, for service and sisterhood.

Writing to you each week gives me the opportunity to get to know you better and even though your replies come to me outside of the printed word there is a conversation going on between our corners of the sky.

Love to read your response to this post

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