When Love Comes to Town

Dear Sor Juana,

Life is fragile and precious, I enjoy the cuddles, giggles and smiles as a new grandmother, yet this isn’t everyone’s experience. I know a grandma this week who is grieving for the loss of a three day old grand-daughter and in our country we are all reeling from a quilt handmade by a loving grandmother that became the key to finding the identity of the body of a child found in a suitcase.

Precious or waste disposal – what a gulf between the ways these little ones lived their lives. Valued and invaluable, each life completely irreplaceable, treasured and cherished.

In our country an astonishing number of children don’t have the same life trajectory my grandson has, let alone all those children around the world, who are waking up this morning hungry, homeless, hurting. I have a renewed commitment to building the kind of world I want all children to grow up in, with the arrival of this little person into my life.

Walking with love in your heart is in the job description of the pilgrim and our long suit needs to be reply (to steal a phrase from former Prime Minister Keating). What is our reply to the questions:  Where does love take us? How do we build our world wide love quotient? I want my reply to be I did what I did when love came to town.

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