Dear Sor Juana,

A good night’s sleep is a blessing, coming as it does in the form of closed lids relaxed against the eye, body limp, heart beating to the rhythm of rest, the Goldilocks room temperature a lullaby to the senses. Ahh!

To wake in the morning with the rays tinkling the louvers, inviting the day into the room and caressing those same lids to gently unfold is the blessing of the good night’s sleep.

I have taken to asking people how they are sleeping lately as a metric to how they are going … it has been projection on my part as my sleep pattern has been disturbed by bumps in the night lately. It is interesting how people are so readily able to join in this conversation and reveal what is happening in their waking hours from what happens when their body is lying between sheets while their minds work through the day. The sleep inducing laundry list includes elixirs from tea to alcohol, prescribed drugs, needles with tonics, breathing exercises, long walks, meditation, bathing, music. The gift of sleep in a babe for new parents has a bounty and gazing at a sleeping child is a balm for any exhausted mother.

What keeps you awake at night? is an oft asked question in my work with decision-makers, advisors and guides. I am now asking how are you sleeping at night and this is revealing how people are managing, coping, reflecting and integrating themselves into their challenges.

I am kept awake by the banshees creeping under the gap in the door closed shut stealing breaths and forcing their way through ever growing constricted airways of my love. I sleep in the promise of the new day bringing grit, grace and gratitude. With the help of others, my sleep is improving. Sleep is a gift and it is received with thanks.

St Elias - Patron Saint of Sleep

St Elias – Patron Saint of Sleep

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