Dancing with Speeches #3 Angelou

 When Bill Clinton invited Maya Angleou to speak at his inauguration in 1993 she stood and raised her voice and gave the gift of this speech a poem, The Pulse of Morning. It is a call to take new steps of change to look up and look out.

The morning comes, each and every day, a fresh invitation to take what is before you, an open page made possible by what has gone before. The aeons of unfolding creation, deep time from the big bang to this moment, your eyes open and you take a breath of the air that unites your breath with all others – regardless of species – our common heritage is the morning, the day greeting us and inviting us to be in the day. Regardless of what and who we are and where we have come from, we owe the day to the rock, the river, the tree, those inanimate objects full of life. They pre-date the dinosaur and our oldest of ancestors they have held the earth together, epic custodians, they have seen it all, the movement of the seasons and tectonic plates, the rise and fall of civilizations, the beginning and ending of beasts and birds. In their stillness they continue to move us.

The good in each and every morning is a whole-hearted act of hope by creation. And how do we respond to this invitation? Can we be trusted with the morning to allow its goodness to pulsate through our veins for the remainder of the day, and each and every day forward? Do we feel that goodness doing us good and making itself visible in how we live with the gift of the good morning past the morning into afternoon and evening, with the remains of the goodness harvested in the evening?

Br David Steindl-Rast instructs us to look up, to see the clouds and the birds and allow ourselves to give thanks for the mantle of the sky. I love our big, blue sky in Australia. It is how I know I am truly home when I have travelled beyond my shores. The Big. Blue. Sky the only place big enough for Zeus’s ego. Magpie’s reveille injects goodness into the soundscape of morning and before long is joined by other creatures in a chorus to the day.

We can travel on the good in every morning from dawn to dusk, and call on it to support our efforts, bring clarity from the first thought having slept on a decision and comfort us in the knowledge there will still be a morning tomorrow if we need to start again despite ourselves. When we greet the morning with our own goodness we unite with all of creation. Looking into the eyes of those we greet with a “Good Morning” lets take this ritual to a spiritual practice greeting one another with the confidence and knowledge that all that is in this brand new morning is indeed good and the good in me is meeting and greeting, acknowledging and bowing down to the good in you.

Good Morning.


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