Dancing with Speeches #52 Leia Organa

All the speeches that were danced with in 2016 have been sourced from the real world. Today, for the final speech of the year, the fictional Senator Organa’s last speech to the Senate of the New Republic is chosen from Star Wars. It is set 28 years after the Battle of Yavin where the assembly of Senators are gathered and are addressed by Leia as a fellow citizen. This is a war dance.

My Fellow Citizens,

War is arriving. We can choose to ignore all the signs or to hope it away – but that does not stop the truth – war is arriving. It will be a war for tomorrow borne from the decisions of the past and fought in the truth of today.

It is time for battle – a battle with the dark side – the dark side of ourselves that has brought us to this place where our hopes for freedom, liberty and justice are now coming back to strangle us in new forms.

The old adage “ be careful what you wish for” is transmuting and we are now paying a high cost for that wish. No longer are we bound by familial ties, tribal ties … the tie that binds us together and indeed the only one that ever has … is our mutual bond to each other as citizens.

There is a threat on the edge of our galaxy. A threat greater than anything we have ever dreamt up by ourselves or collectively. Tyranny and fear are on our doorstep. Those leaders who have gone to the edge to pioneer new paths and find themselves lost, without power, without a compass return shattered, if they return at all. We are on the brink of war. To pretend otherwise is to ignore all the signs. A new shape is forming in our hearts and souls and calling on us to go to deeper and darker places than we have been before. Some of us may even be seduced by the drums of war. We must be prepared to live in the light, have our hearts filled with love, be willing to embrace the other and be compassionate to our selves and each other when we fail. Because there will be causalities, failures and imperfections – that is the only certainty of the way. Our weapons of mass destruction will be our unified efforts and values.

The unspeakable, unshakeable and undeniable power of the Force is within us all it is the only power we need to get ready for war and combat and defeat our enemy in the internal galaxies of our minds and the external galaxies where we find our dearly beloved planet orbiting around our sun and being orbited by our moons. Our celestial surroundings hold us close, gravitational glue fastening our future. They will be our guides as we go into battle, because my dear fellow citizens, war is coming whether we are ready or not.

It is time to prepare, to build our strength, to call on the force inside each of us, to be ready to face the dark side and defeat the evil of imperial hatred and fear for each and every citizen and for the Republic.


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