2019: Sparks will fly #1 Joy cometh in the morning

The theme for 2019’s blog is Sparks will fly. I have set the scene briefly for the year here.


Where do you find the spark to keep the light going, the fire burning in your heart? When darkness descends how do you nurture and covet the light and keep it safe from a gust of unwelcome wind or even a gentle breeze? It is the hands who corral the flame from the elements. They gather around to protect keeping just enough oxygen around the flame to keep it alight and enough of a barrier to allow the flickering to continue.  The hands connected to the heart creating a mini hearth of potential.

The hearth so well known and respected as a place for sparks to be domiciled but not always tamed. Plenty of sparks fly when a combustible comment is thrown into the embers. That is what is happening in “the land of the free”. The new fresh faces and voices who have stormed into Congress this week aren’t waiting for their turn – they arrived to work, dance and disrupt. There is a heady mix of youth and age – all kinds of wisdom. From Nancy Pelosi in her late 70s to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez not yet 30 – these women are role models for every age … and yes sparks will fly.

Congress a symbol of democracy for the so called free world is a gerrymandered house of representatives from communities where the popular vote doesn’t always work itself into the highest office (just ask Al Gore or Hilary Clinton). But this Congress is more representative than ever before and every time the camera pans the Dems side of the House you cannot look away.

Diversity is the theory and inclusion is the practice. Clearing space not just making space. And spaces will be cleared on hearts and heads and hearths and homes. Having a special treat of seeing To Kill a Mockingbird on Broadway this week, it was hard not to once again be moved by the ongoing relevance of racism, innocence, a child’s view of the world and mob rule. Joy cometh in the morning, yet the morning is taking it’s time to arrive for some and for others is it dawning a new day they aren’t going to embrace easily.

Making a home for a place for sparks to fly may mean some acts of kindness from hands to hold the space for the flame to flicker and stay alight when darkness threatens as it inevitably will. Our hands may need to be ready to leave the sanctity of pockets and become agents of solidarity. The winds of change are blowing and as Cohen has prophetically sung Democracy is coming to the USA.  And as we head into our own season of elections in Australia I am looking forward to a more diverse and younger parliament to form.

We find ourselves captured by the culture of the USA in many ways, and so given that is where I am this week, I am invoking some of their spirit in the sparks to fly.

And so ….

Joy cometh in the morning, and as you start getting out of the kitchen to rattle your pots and pans, before you know it, you too might be dancin’ in the streets. May it be diamonds on the soles of your shoes flickering and sparkling as the sun rises.



Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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