Sparks will fly #transit #52

My 2019 begun in NYC and ends in Mexico City. In between these two incredible locations I was fortunate to visit Portugal, Spain, Germany as well as Aussie cities, regional centres and a few country towns as wildly different as Coober Pedy and Katoomba. Being in transit has been a feature of my pilgrim life in 2019.

I have had spectacles with transition lens for more than a decade. The light hits my glasses, and with no effort on my part, makes the necessary adjustment to enable my eyes to have no trouble coping with glare and changing light conditions. This is one of my favourite daily pieces of technology.

Not all transitions are that easy, although there is light and shade in them all.This has been a year of living in transit. From one state to another – some soft and some hard landings. Many with the magic and drama of a Tolkein novel marked with elfen mischief to distract me from dark and dangerous encounters with history. There has been enough light to guide me out of burrows and to be a lamp unto my feet, as the psalmist would say.

Transition is the in-between time, like the thresholds in my Celtic dreaming marking the space between one world and another – the Wardrobe leading to Narnia. The fellowship of my travelling companions has been all gift and while I may not have been as faithful to them all as they have to me, I am glad of their witness, wise counsel and kindness. Com-panion, to be with bread, is exactly how it is for me, they have been sustenance whether a morsel or a loaf.

The bread has taken so many shapes and textures – gluten free to pumpineckel, French sticks to multigrain rolls. A cornucopia of delicious, warmth, straight out of the oven, offered up to be broken and shared. My kind of eucharist. It isn’t possible to be in transit without food for the journey, and I have been generously endowed.I have needed every crumb of sustenance to get me through this transition. In reality, there has been multiple transitions, not just one.

The year began with an Australian honour and I was humbled to have the recognition for my life and work. Quite something to be able to put letters after your name and wear a badge! The transition of going from one home to another with a season on the road and house hopping, being a swaggie of sorts. Finding a new place to live, in a new location and the promise this brings of new possibilities. Taking on a new role in one job and winding down my consulting business. Changing board roles and responsibilities in more than one set of governance arrangements. Establishing a new entity to take my efforts to contribute to closing the gender investment gap into a new direction. There is the metastory though of one over arching transition, the one that sees moving from the fog and paralysis of grief to the tentative and intentional lintel where a new door is ajar calling to be pushed. And with the push comes invitations to openness.

What lies beyond the door?

My discernment strategies are laid on ancient foundations and may require more bread to be broken. More sparks will fly as we all transit to a new year.

Blessing for Transit

May you be ready when the time comes

May you pack what you need

May you leave behind what no longer serves you

May you have a story to hold you

May you notice the door’s invitation

May you smell freshly baked bread

May you have companions waiting for you on the otherside

And may you be transformed through the alchemy of transit.

Love to read your response to this post

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