Visibility and Invisibility 2022 #34

I am busy prepping for my campaign launch and fiddling around still with words to use for my speech. I am actually better improvising than putting words to paper. I have always been able to write speeches for others with more ease than for myself. I have written millions of words that have come out of the mouths of other people or been attributed to other people and worked hard to find their voice when writing for them. Writing for myself in my own voice takes me to another level of creativity – I have to both get myself out of the way and keep focussed on the audience – what do they want to hear from me?

What invisible aspirations, fears and expectations are they holding that my words might find a match? It is some kind of emotional bingo – mine and the listener. Know your audience is an oft recommended piece of advice. For my launch I will be among friends and so they will be forgiving of errors or stumbles. It is a chance for me to practice, yet in reality my campaign will have little opportunity for a big speech. It will be in the quiet corners of doorways and kitchens, bars and sporting grounds where the hearts and minds of voters will be hearing me. I also need to help them articulate what matters to them and how they can make sense of their concerns translating into the actions of a local council.

Voting is the authorisation process. I am asking thousands of people to give me their vote. This is a big ask. I know when I go to vote I am looking for someone who is going to share my values, understand what is important to me and one I can trust to act with good grace, take guidance and bring their best selves to every decision. 

I have been thinking about the word authorisation a lot this past week as it is embedded in the candidate electoral material process. We are all authors – we tell our own stories and develop trajectories for the narratives we want the world to know about us.  Then there are the stories other people talk about us and I decided to invite three people to do that for me today at my campaign launch. I always find I get insights about myself when other people talk about me … and much better to get this in the time of the living than waiting for a eulogy!

As I head into the next stage of the campaign, I feel like I am about to climb Mt Everest and I am arriving at Base Camp. To get to basecamp you are prepared, ready for the ascent, you have a life time of climbing experience behind you, you know how to weigh up risks, what blizzards look and feel like, you know there are people cheering you on and you know it is a solidarity task of personal endurance that will require more mental fitness than physical fitness.  I am trying to make more of what is invisible for me, visible, so that I can invite others into the process to support me. If you want to join me, please do, check out and find a way to connect and authorise this call to leadership.

Registration link to Campaign Launch – Authorised by M Were PO Box 7 Sellicks Beach SA 5174

1 thought on “Visibility and Invisibility 2022 #34

  1. memethorne

    Your authority in the matter is commensurate with your commitment and dedication to the cause Moira, and as far as I am concerned, as a prospective constituent member of this electorate, you have a heart-full of all those qualities.
    I wholeheartedly support your campaign and look forward to your representing our collective interests as Mayor of Onkaparinga Council.



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