Welcome to 2023: Mycelium

Week 1

This year’s theme is mycelium.

Mycelium is incredible. It is the largest living organism on the planet. If there is life on other planets it is likely to be mycelium. Humans and fungi generate energy by consuming ingredients from ecossystems, instead of producing food, like plants do. Fascinatingly the genetic composition of mushrooms is actually more similar to humans than plants. If you want to dig into (pardon the pun) more about mycelium and their fruits – mushrooms there is plenty on line and this might be a useful place to start.

Mycelium is going to be my blog theme for 2023. I hope it will drive my thinking and reflections on what connects us all, how networks and ideas intersect, where the nutrients of community flow and branch out and perhaps too the way love travels and appears as fruit from the spores of hope, trust and faith. In the breakdown and subsequent creation of debri and consumption, transformation is possible and I may even argue inevitable.

I will be looking for things that pop up with strength through the concrete, for ideas that can travel underground and nourish an entire old growth forest, for thoughts that network me to new worlds, forbeing fuelled by decay as food.

At this threshold of one year to another, it is a time to acknowledge courage and protection, a time to bless and be blessed by those who have witnessed my arrival to this threshold. For all of you in my life who watch each threshold rising up like fruit from the mycelium, I give a deep and sincere bow of gratitude.

I start this year at a new frontier, knowing with confidence, in the networked life under my feet that holds me up, feeds me, follows me and takes me to new places.

This blessing is for you, dear reader, and for me too so we might bless each other, and on John O’Donohue’s instruction, also bless the space between us.

A Mycelium Blessing

May the mycelium in your life;

Connect you deeply across great expanses

Transmit love with all the power of an electrical storm

Harvest hope and bring forth new fruit.

May you be mycelium to others

Open up networks of care and compassion

Find ways to breakthrough and breakdown

Branch out to uncharted territory.

May you be your own mycelium

Flowing as your breathe in and out

Cultivating deep and wide your relationships

Being intentional about what brings you alive.

1 Jan 2023

3 thoughts on “Welcome to 2023: Mycelium

  1. memethorne

    Once again Moira, food for thought and to chew on. I love your closing call to be intentional … if we did that with every thought and action in our lives, how much more alive we would all be! Wishing you a feast of a year ahead.



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