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Just Around the Corner

Dear Sor Juana,

There are so many possibilities just around the corner. We move towards the corner and as we approach not everything is quite revealed, some things are in shadow and others camouflaged or incandescent because of the light. What is hidden just around the corner may have surprising qualities or fill us with dread.

Just around the corner moments seem to be everywhere this week.

I dropped a friend off by the river earlier in the week and I went just around corner, as I did a couple of pedestrians were mown down by a careless possibly confused driver. One of the pedestrians is seriously injured and the driver facing charges.

Just around another corner I find myself chatting to a neighbour who has called into home for a short while in between touring the country. Next up will be the east coast having explored the great centre of this red land and broad blue skies.

Still another corner I am in a bar with a young actor as she prepares for her future residency. She shares generously about the next corners she is planning to turn towards.

There are corners everywhere – places where two trajectories meet where there is a resolution and clarity. Although corners can be a bit rough around the edges and looking for a short way around problems we do try to cut them, there is something about corners that does sharpen the senses. Anticipation may build, anxiety or even fear, generally though it is a meandering that leads to go just around the corner to take me onwards, to ground a curiosity or maybe an innocent mistake has taken me there … and before I know it I am around the corner.

We never really fully know what is just around the corner, but no matter how many of us are travelling together when we get to a corner, it is a solitary experience. Coming to a corner, sipping a stillness and shape we then move.

There is an improvisation training exercise Sor Juana I am fond of where we walk around the room backwards, forwards, in as many ways as we can to find the corners of the room, the centre, the edges, taking up lots of space as we go and as little space too – it is an activity I find meditative – fast and slow – in silence. As the energy of the room starts to change, like the wind you can’t see but can feel, this energy moves through all of us in the room, but for each of us it is a unique and individual experience. I experience an untangling of thoughts as they are loosened by the movement, as if a thread has been pulled. What might look like aimless wandering is an experience of coming home to oneself – a pilgrimage. Perhaps that is a little like the prayers you made – from the outside it may have looked like nothing was happening and you were going nowhere – but from that place sprung intellect, poetry and presence. Going to the corners of your inner life you found words and meaning just around the corner.

The meeting of the corners between us and around us remind me of all the threads that weave us together – the weft and the warp – the one cloth that binds us together and each time we go just around the corner we add our steps to that weave.