Promises to tomorrow #29 Puddling

A puddle-in-waiting – soon to be transformed by the arrival of Wellington boots inhabited by a toddler who intuitively knows what a muddy water filled crevice in a path has the potential to be. In two jumps the puddle is revealed, squeals of delight and brown goo turns into joy creating matter. Puddles are intrinsically invitational.

Can we make puddles? Places where a hole in our path fills with gifts from the sky? A place where the first empty erosion and corrosive properties remains open to being melted by the transformational H2O. The combination of their union makes happy mud when they meet in the imagination of a toddler. Only by being willing to recieve the invitation like a little child is it possible not to fear the puddle but to jump in “boots ‘n’ all”.

I find myself meandering, puddling about, once easy decisions now complicated and multi layered, requiring meticulous planning and contingencies. Plan B and plan C often needing to be actioned and even then unexpected scenarios turn up to stretch the limits. Each variable another puddle making moment.

My promise to tomorrow is to recognise the puddle-in-waiting is an invitation by having my Wellington boots on so I can jump in and splash around in the mud, to be joyful and see the potential pleasure of mucking about with simplicity in complexity of the puddle made.

Easier said than done. My heart has a hole, my tears fill the hole, my feet know how to say yes to puddles – now if I could get them all to synchronize – puddling about could be fun and less like moving in slow motion through molasses.

4 thoughts on “Promises to tomorrow #29 Puddling

  1. Pauline Small

    Moira I know well that you are incredibly brave, rational and sensible. I also know (or am learning) that there is a time that just isn’t bloody fun at all. It is heart-breaking and sad, and almost unspeakably so. Entering in that horrible place is a dark night without paths or guide lamps and is terrifying. I am holding you in my heart and praying for you both, for whatever you need. I am glad you have a real little wellie person to hold your hand and give some respite to your heart. Your extended community all have their wellies on for you. You have nourished us for so long. Now it is your turn just to be held and loved by others.


  2. Paula

    Pauline says it so well, I have been nourished by you – as have SO many souls. I found puddles with you I didn’t know existed. Because of your heart and passion, because of your effort and strength I am ready to put on my wellies and return the love and creativity. I will hold you and all your loved ones in my heart until it stops raining. I will eagerly await to see you again, and for now, I will keep a lamp on to light the puddly path as the stormy night approaches. Sampai besok pagi Ibu Moira. xxx



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